We welcome all runners of all abilities and backgrounds.  Our Aim is to provide a regular space for anyone who wants to train in a structured and purposeful way.


Monthly £10 covering all Thursday night sessions including track night, Tuesday night social Runs and Monthly workshops.

Per Session £5 if you would prefer to attend individual sessions you are welcome to.

Ukathletics Affiliation

We are an affiliated club, please contact us for details


Each activity throughout the month is on the Run Together App, please book in to the sessions you are planning to attend and wherever possible unbook if you are unable to attend as this will free up space for other runners and ensure our Run Leaders and other runners aren’t waiting for anyone before the session can begin.

During Run/Workshop

Please arrive a least 5 Minutes before the beginning of each session to ensure our Run leaders can register you on the Run Together App, this is for Health and Safety and insurance purposes so please be patient whilst we ensure every one is registered.
Make Run Leaders aware of any injury/condition that may affect your ability to fully take part in the activity.
Wear appropriate clothing for the activity and the weather and during the winter months wear Hi-Viz.
Whilst we do keep emergency details(securely) Via the Run together App it is a good idea to keep I.D. and emergency contact details on you during the Runs and activities.
If you are ceasing an activity and/or leaving the group/route please make the Run Leader aware.

Thursday Training

Meeting at 6:30pm in a various locations around the city(depending on training focus) thursday nights are programmed and delivered with a specific focus based on a training cycle. We always look at the fundementals of running form but develop further to focus on various aspects of running

Tuesday Social Runs

Meeting at 6:30pm and whilst less formal that Thursday nights these runs will reinforce good form and the meso-cycle we are following on a thursday night.


These are extra sessions that we host to support various aspects of a Fitness, wellness, Srength & Conditioning and of course Running, recent and planned sessions include:

Yoga for Runners
Foam Rolling
Sleep for wellness

Group Outings and Socials

We aim to build a friendly community and part of this is being together for social occasions Running and non-running related. We organise regular outings for Parkrun Tourism, Race day events and Socials throughout the year. Escape Rooms, Gaming cafes and relazing coffee shop visits have been recent outings.


We have a growing selection of club branded kit If there is something you would like to see us offer then let us know and we can talk to our suppliers.

Meet the Team

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