We are a Run Club which emerged out of the desire to provide opportunities for people of all abilities to train effectively, under the guidance of trained coaches and run leaders so they can work towards acheiving their running goals. Couple  this with a passion for a Holistic approach to the discipline of running with Strength and Conditioning at its core and we have Lincs Strength and Conditioning Run Club.

  • Science backed theory and practice
  • Trained and Insured Coaches and Run Leaders
  • Open to people of all abilities
  • Monthly training sessions on a running track
  • Additional Workshops to develop different aspects of running fitness
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We Host:
Regular Coach Planned and Run Leader delivered training 6:30pm on a Thursday Evening, the first Thursday of each month being a Track Night.
Run Leader Led Social Runs 7:00pm on a Tuesday evening.
Regular Workshops on different aspects of Running and Fitness.
Regular Social Activities.